An App for Your Bar

Why do you need a mobile app?

  1. Reach your regular customers more often to keep them up to date on your business.
  2. Your customers can easily find your most relevant information
  3. Mobile app users can easily share your events, shows, or other services to their own social media or their friends helping more people find out about your business.

You have access to your Information

  • Business Hours
  • Push Notifications – let them know of new or upcoming events or shows
  • Custom Content
    • Food Menu
    • Drink List
  • Easy Directions to your Bar
  • List of Events and Shows

You Get

  • iPhone and Android applications
    • Customized with your logo and colors
    • We submit your app to the app stores for you
    • Frequent updates – monthly or bi-weekly
  • Your own admin console to update the content at any time
  • Ability to send push notifications to your users – keep them informed about timely news


  • $399 – Due before the app is released to the public
  • $40 / month for server cost and frequent updates which includes
    • Bug fixes
    • New features that work for you and our other customers
    • your own admin console
View one of the Bar apps in action.
This video shows the theme switching from light to dark.

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