We build mobile apps using cross-platform technologies.

Cross-platform is a quick way to say “write once and it will work on multiple devices”.

The benefits of cross-platform mobile development:

  • Speed and efficiency of app delivery is greatly increased. We develop the mobile app once and deploy to multiple environments, including Android, iOS and Web apps.
  • Cost is reduced when there is a single developer for multiple platforms vs. one native developer per platform.
  • Skills for enhancing and maintaining the mobile app can be brought in-house to web developers.

Front-End Technologies we use to build mobile apps

  • Angular 7/8/9/10
  • Ionic Framework
  • Apache Cordova – HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform development
  • Ionic Native – a collection of open source and premium plugins and solutions that make it easy to add native device functionality

Back-End Systems and Technologies we use

  • Drupal or WordPress CMS as a backend for data storage, including authentication
  • Firebase, including Firebase Auth for seamless authentication
  • Many other services that can be used as an API for your app, including AWS, GCP, or Azure

Learn More

The Ionic team has built a great guide to help you learn more about hybrid vs. native app development.