AQuA, Another Quote App, is an app with curated quotes and various categories, available for Android and iOS.


What we used to build this:

  • Angular 5.2
  • Ionic 3.9.2
  • Cordova
  • Firebase with a real-time Database to store the Quote categories and the Quotes

This was an exciting project to start on, but it is a work in progress. We were really excited to use the Firebase backend. To add the quotes, we built an Angular frontend website to view the current quotes and add new quotes. It was great to see how quick and responsive Firebase and the Angular Firebase modules were. When we added a quote to the backend database, we didn’t even have to refresh the mobile app. The quote just showed up in less than a second on the mobile app.

Future Plans

  • Favorite a Quote and view a list of your favorites
  • Share a quote on social media
  • Get local reminders (such as a daily reminder at 8:00 am) to read a favorite quote


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