Should you register as an Individual or an Organization?

According to Apple:
“In order for your company name to be listed on your App Store product page, your company must be recognized as a legal entity in your country/region.”

So, for example to have my apps listed as the seller, then I register as an Organization. In the US (as far as I know) yo will need a D-U-N-S® Number. Don’t have one yet? You’ll need to get that first to complete the Apple Developer Enrollment.

If I were to register as an Individual, the seller name would be my personal first name and last name.

D-U-N-S® Number

Need a D-U-N-S® Number or need to see if you have one? Start this process early as it can take a couple of business days to complete.

Lookup a D-U-N-S® Number:
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